American West Land Surveying Co.

Serving Colorado since 1991

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American West Land Surveying Co. is a family owned and operated company providing surveying services to the Colorado Front Range. Founded in 1991 by M. Douglas Hoos, we take pride in offering our clients personalized service using state of the art equipment and knowledgeable personnel. Our clients include private individuals, developers, utility companies, lenders, title companies, law firms, engineering firms, municipalities, and federal agencies.

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A survey can be thought of as a snapshot in history of a location on the surface of the earth. Just as people do, over time property changes. Roads get built, land becomes developed, wind and water erode the land, bury fences, and the evidence of property boundaries slowly begins to change and disappear.  

The land surveying profession has evolved rapidly over the past years with the introduction of Global Positioning, Geographic Information Systems, Computer Aided Drafting, Robotic Instrumentation, and Digital Scanning equipment.  

Although advancements in technology have changed the way we measure and in some cases have made things easier, we realize that the fundamental aspects of land surveying have not changed from its roots in history. The concepts of real property ownership, title, and location on the surface of the earth are still present in every project.  

At American West Land Surveying Co. we take pride in our profession and each project we are involved with. Weather it be a residential lot survey or full blown design project, we strive to follow the footsteps left by previous surveyors while still keeping an eye toward the future.